Treasury budget
and financial analyses

The study and analysis of data represent the main added values today, to correctly transmit detailed and accurate information to those responsible for defining the course of action of a business.

We create economic and financial models for SMEs:
– Treasury budget (periodic and annual);
– Three-year budgets and industrial plans with ten-year projection;
– Analysis of turnover (by customers and range of products and services) with data extraction from xml files;
– Cost analysis (for suppliers and range of products and services acquired) with data extraction from xml files
– Financial sustainability analysis for new investments.

The economic and financial plan models are drawn up on a monthly or annual basis with a ten-year time horizon.

The processing uses the accounting situations of your company management to draw up the following reports: Balance Sheet/Income Statement/Monthly and annual financial statement, Net Financial Position (NFP), Treasury budget, MCC Rating, bankability indicators, Ratios, Management scenarios, Dynamic data reports with complex graphs.
The value of data does not depend on its creation, but on the ability of entrepreneurs to analyze its trend and allow its aggregation, to evaluate strategies and monitor performance.