Job consulting

For over 50 years we have been supporting companies and businesses by offering skilled and reliable labor consulting

Thanks to the experience and expertise of industry professionals, Studio Pioli is able to offer the best solutions in different areas of labor consulting.

The mission of the studio has always been to offer a complete high quality service, suitable for all company categories.

We provide our know-how in the following areas:

Employment and pension issues

• Registration of business entities at the appropriate authorities
• Compliance with obligatory regulations
• Certification of special contracts through the “Marco Biagi Foundation”
• On site support in case of inspections
• Assistance in social security and insurance lawsuits
• INAIL classification analyses and analyses for rate reduction authorities
• Subrogation and recourse in case of accident
• Management of employment-related disputes
• Individual and collective redundancy consultation
• Tax management and assistance for workers
• Party-appointed technical consulting
• Individual social security analysis and elaboration of a pension plan
• Social security budgets

Retirement consulting and management

Telematic assistance

• Electronic transmission to the Italian Agency of Revenue
• Electronic transmission to social security and insurance institutions
• Electronic transmission to supplementary funds
• Labor law courses for universities, high schools, training organizations and conferences
• Organization of training courses and conferences on labor law

Personnel training

Social security representation in Italy for foreign companies

Enasarco management