Experience, professionalism and technology for your company, for the efficient management of human resources and labor relations

Nowadays the management of human resources and all aspects of the organization of work are getting more and more complicated for companies. With the experience gained in over 50 years of consulting, Studio Pioli supports and accompanies the company in all matters relating to personnel administration, freeing up employees to concentrate on core competencies.

Specifically, we provide professionalism and competence in the following areas of activity:

• Human resource management
• Legal and administrative management of labor relations
• Management of labor relations
• Assistance and representation of the company in court disputes regarding employment relationship
• Assistance and representation in case of disputes with social security institutions, insurance and work inspection authorities
• Analysis of labor costs
• Staff budgeting
• Budget del personale
• Social welfare management
• Technical expertise to the court
Moreover, thanks to increasingly sophisticated services, the studio can offer companies badge detection systems and online presence sheets. The goal is to establish a direct connection, which allows accessing all necessary documentation online and thus optimizes the processing times.